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SIS Semarang Expo in Paragon - Second Day

SIS Semarang Expo in Paragon

If you come to our exhibition now you will get 75% off registration fee for all school levels. We also have many activites with giveaway prizes. So visit our booth now! #sissemarang #exhibition2017


SIS Semarang Expo in Paragon - The First Day

Praise each child individually for what their special unique, strengths and talents that child is. At SIS, we respect the value of each other, our community and our planet. If you interested to know more, please come to our exhibition at Paragon City Mall Ground Floor from 10am - 9:00pm. The exhibition will be until February 12th #sissemarang #exhibition2017


SIS Semarang Expo in Paragon

SIS Semarang is having an open exhibition in Paragon City Mall tomorrow. Parents who register at the exhibition will get up to 75% off the registration fee. Tell your family and visit our booth tomorrow! #sissemarang #exhibition2017

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