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Parent Survey Result for Academic year 2015-16 across the SIS Group of schools

Parent Survey Results for Academic year 2015-16 across the SIS Group of schools –

SIS Semarang Leads The Way!

SIS Semarang has shown great improvements in many areas. When we asked you, the parents, to tell us what you think here are some of the conclusions:

Semarang scored the HIGHEST from parents across the SIS schools for the following categories:

  • Head Teacher Approachability
  • Secondary DHT Approachability          
  • Teacher Approachability
  • PRO Approachability
  • Cleanliness
  • Events / Activities
  • CCA
  • Communication
  • PTC
  • Overall Development of your child
  • Academic Development of your child
  • How strongly would you recommend our school?
  • Overall School Ave

In two years the school has moved from LOWEST average mark across all the schools to the HIGHEST average mark of all the schools.

So, putting it in simple terms, you the parents voted SIS Semarang the best thought of school. To gain the top marks in so many areas and to change the school from the lowest average score to the highest average score is a great achievement by all.

Thank you parents and congratulations all staff.

Ralph Millington


Head Teacher


Pre-School English Quiz Bee

Pre-school English Quiz Bee

On the 22nd of April 2016 at 10.00 in the morning, the Pre-school Department held an English Quiz Bee to N2, K1 and K2 students. This aims to expose the kids to friendly competitions and learn sportsmanship at a young age. Likewise, one way of gauging student’s learnings from their previous lessons as well.  Each class was grouped randomly by their form teachers. The level of difficulty varied from one class to another from the easy, average to difficult questions.

Now, brace yourselves for the results....Tadah!!!...Nursery Two come up with the winners as the group of Kayra and Ganesh, Nico and Nickandro got the 1st place while Ken and Azzahra garnered the 2nd place. For Kindergarten 1, the Giraffe group namely: Jason, Russell, Maran and Gladys got the 1st place, while the Lion group namely: Mischa, Jeff, Sahara and Joel won the 2nd place. Last but not the least, we have the Kindergarten Two winners!...The group of Mathijs, Nusha, Elizabeth, Lieve and Saumya got the 1st place, 2nd place belongs to the group of Gifford, Rinoa, Kenzo, Theo and Siddhant, while the group of Kenneth, Anneline, Shifa and Rohith garnered the 3rd place.

Truly, learning is a never ending process. Congratulations to all!

English1 English2
English3 English4
English5 English6
English7 English8
English9 English10
English11 English12
English13 English14
English15 English16

Ms. Mylba May Mendoza

K2 Form Teacher


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