Head Teacher's Message


Welcome to the SIS Semarang site.

SIS Semarang has been at the forefront of Education here in Semarang for over 10 years with its blend of world renowned curriculum achieving outstanding student results. We are a member of the acclaimed SIS Group who have been providing quality education across Indonesia for over 25 years.

Being in education for over 20 years I have witnessed the way we teach change and grow to be what it is today. An old principal friend of mine once said, “If we educate children the way we were educated, we are failing them since the world has changed.” I strongly believe this and know our mission is to educate students for their futures.

How does SIS Semarang achieve this?

Since we understand your child needs to be prepared for their future, we have chosen to follow both the Singapore and Cambridge Curricula. However, following a good curriculum is no guarantee of good results so we underpin our programme with our values of integrity, respect, perseverance, innovation and collaboration, woven together through our PACE programme. The only way to truly understand the SIS difference is to visit our school and meet our staff, students and community. Please enjoy viewing our site and we hope to see you in the future.

Kind Regards,


Shayne Kidd M.Ed, B.Ed, B.T

Head Teacher